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Matanzas Bay Buccaneers 501c3
Code of Conduct


Mission Statement:

The Matanzas Bay Buccaneers is a tax exempt 501c3 public charity. The Matanzas Bay Buccaneers 501c3 is comprised of like-minded individuals who share the ideology “as one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.” The Matanzas Bay Buccaneers uses its love of pirate history and lore as a platform to support local charities and non-profits through various fundraising events and activities throughout the year. The Matanzas Bay Buccaneers 501c3 will be supporting Dreams Come True of Jacksonville and the Greater St Johns Foster and Adoptive Parents Association. Any crew member in good standing can submit a charity or non-profit to the crew for consideration.

Code Purpose:

The crew code serves as a guideline for active members, as well as those individuals actively seeking membership. The expectation is each crew member or applicant will make every effort to follow the crew code to the best of his or her ability. If there is a circumstance when the intent of the crew code is unclear then crew members or applicants should reach out to the Helm for clarification before proceeding.


Membership in the Matanzas Bay Buccaneers 501c3 is open to all persons desiring to participate and contribute to crew activities. Matanzas Bay Buccaneers 501c3 does not exclude membership on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, handicap, sexual orientation, handicap, marital status or age. Active members pay yearly dues. The dues will be $40 for single members and $70 for couples. The expectation is members will pay yearly dues in a timely manner to remain in good standing. Any active crew member who decides to resign his or her membership should do so in writing to the helm. The helm will consider the resignation and determine if any previously paid dues shall be returned to the resigned on a prorated basis. Members in good standing enjoy all rights, benefits and responsibilities including the ability to vote on important issues which may impact the crew.

Application for Membership:

  • Prospective applicants will be directed to the crew Navigator or other helm member for an application and instructions

  • Prospective applicants must read and agree to the MBB code of conduct prior to submitting an application for membership

  • Prospective applicants will be required to pay dues as applicable at time of submission. If the prospective applicant is not approved for full membership following the probation period or decides to withdraw his or her application for membership, then any paid dues will be returned to the applicant on a prorated basis

  • Prospective applicants will be on a probation period not to exceed 90 days. The crew helm will vote on the prospective applicant for full membership at the end of the 90-day probation period. The 90-day probation period can be shortened at the helm’s discretion. Any decision to shorten or lengthen the probation period will be voted on by the full helm

General Conduct and Behavior:

  • The expectation is each crew member will be honest, fair, dependable and trustworthy in all crew activities, in relationships with other crew members and in all interactions with the general public

  • Crew members shall wear their crew armband whenever he or she is in garb. By doing so, crew members bring recognition to our crew and create potential interest in our crew

  • Crew members shall observe all local ordinances

  • Crew members will garb appropriately as dictated by individual events and activities

    • Weapons shall be peace-tied at all times unless directed otherwise by the Captain

    • Crew members may adorn flasks as a part of his or her garb. However, the use of personal flasks in establishments that provide alcohol is disrespectful to the establishment owner, reflects badly on the crew and as such is not condoned by the helm

  • Crew members shall refrain from airing crew business or differences on social media or in a public forum in general. Any questions, concerns or issues should be directed to a helm member for resolution by the full helm. All information shared at crew meetings is confidential unless the helm as stated otherwise

  • Crew members shall be a member of only one dues-paying, local crew at a time. Members are encouraged to reach out to the helm for further clarification

  • Crew members will recognize and respect MBB participation in the Captain’s Accord. In doing so, no crew member will initiate any activity that may or may not infringe on another Accord crew’s planned activities without first consulting the MBB helm. Additionally, unless otherwise stated, only helm members will  communicate with event officials at events MBB is participating in

  • Crew members that fail to abide by the code of conduct will be notified by the helm of a pending suspension. During the suspension investigation period the at-risk member’s privileges and access to crew pages and events will be temporarily removed. The helm and crew member will meet in a timely manner to resolve any issues and determine an amicable path forward

  • In general, each crew member’s actions reflects on the crew itself. As a 501c3 entity our ability to raise revenue for our charities depends on public participation and generosity. Therefore, it is up to each crew member to uphold the MBB reputation and public perception of same

Black Powder:

  • The crew recognizes the use of Black Powder requires strict adherence to safety procedures.

  • Black powder shall not be used by any crew member who has consumed alcohol within eight hours, or whose judgement may be impaired for any reason.

  • The Master at Arms shall be present and shall always maintain a safe environment when black powder is in use.

  • Black Powder shall only be used at events sanctioned by the crew and at which it has been agreed the black powder will be used. Note, if an event is not sanctioned by the MBB then the persons concerned are acting as individuals and are not covered the crew’s liability insurance

  • Any member using Black powder at an event sanctioned by the MBB must hold recognized certification or be under the direct supervision of a person holding recognized certification

Code Agreement:

MBB members must read and agree to all parts of this Code of Conduct.  It is understood this Code is considered a living code and will grow and evolve as the Matanzas Bay Buccaneers grow and evolve.  All Members affirm their agreement to the Code of Conduct by putting their mark/signature on the MBB Membership Form.

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